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The ultimate snoring solution that gives hope to those who suffer from snoring every night.

One of the most effective solutions to reduce snoring
Get a good night's rest again
Many people have already used this device to help them sleep and rest better at night.
Easy to use
Just place it under the chin and see the results.

About Qinuxleep

Effectively reduces snoring! Get a good night's rest and improve your and your partner's quality of life.
  • Thanks to its EMS technology, it detects snoring activity by means of intelligent sensors, allowing air to flow better into the lungs.
  • It doesn't disturb your sleep, it's very easy to use! Just place it under the chin and Qinuxleep will reduce snoring in an effective and healthy way.
  • App available for mobile with which you can monitor your sleep phases and help detect possible health problems.
Don't miss out on yours!

Main advantages:

Forget about snoring!
The ultimate solution to reduce snoring. Pack of 10 electrodes included
EMS Technology
Thanks to this technology, it emits a low-frequency vibration that helps to stimulate the throat muscles and helps to achieve a deeper sleep.
App for IOS & Android
App compatible with IOS and Android. The app allows you to obtain different sleep records, as well as the quality, phases and duration of your sleep.
Convenient and effective
Thanks to its small size and light weight, it is not uncomfortable at night and you won't even notice you're wearing it!
Improve your quality of life
Getting a good night's sleep and rest is very important for our health! It helps to reduce the risk of certain diseases.
The perfect gift
This snoring reduction device is an ideal gift to help family and friends get back to rest and not disturb others at night.


How does it detect snoring?
It is able to detect snoring through sound recognition and chin bone movement.
Is it heavy or light?
It is very light, weighing only 15 grams.
Is the App compatible with Android?
Yes, it is compatible with both iOS and Android.
Is there a discount code?
Yes, for the first few weeks after launch there is a 50% discount.
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